Event Registration - IACCE
Small Business Webinar Series
4/21/2021 - 8/18/2021
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Tools for Success: Navigating the New Normal
Join us for this series of five monthly webinars to receive helpful and practical tools to navigate the new normal. You will learn all you need to know – from legal considerations to best practices in digital advertising; from brand identity to effective sales techniques; from to actionable advice on marketing and communication best practices to help your small business succeed in 2021 and beyond.

A committee of execs has worked together to create this webinar series for you to earn some non-dues revenue plus learn from some great speakers including Amanda Brinkman, the host of Small Business Revolution.  The series will be held from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of the month starting with April 21 and finishing August 18.

Attached you have a word doc and a pdf to use for your use in marketing this as a series or individual webinars. Feel free to edit the word doc. I have been working on some Instagram and Facebook posts as well - I'll send those along but you all are probably better at that than I am :)   

The guidelines:
  • You will run the webinar registration through your own registration system and keep all of the income. Please charge $15 per registrant (or $75 for the series) - by everyone charging the same, no one has to worry about their members price shopping at a nearby chamber.
  • Your chamber needs to register here to participate in the webinar series. There will be a $60 charge to IACCE. If you are worried your members won't register, you don't have to register with IACCE first, you can wait until 4 individual webinar registrations at $15 each have been paid and then register with IACCE to get the Zoom webinar links.
  • I will need a total number of registrants from your chamber for each webinar so I know what Zoom level to use. 
  • You must have paid your 2021 dues in order to participate in the program. 
Here is a word doc of the session descriptions. You can also find more marketing information for Amanda Brinkman's session here.

Finally, thank you to Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program for sponsoring this series.